About Us

The Screaming Eagles are an all-volunteer club that has provided passionate support for D.C. United and has promoted Major League Soccer and U.S. Soccer through contributions in the community since the club’s inception in 1995. In 2004 the Screaming Eagles incorporated and received 501(c) (4) non-profit status. Our Articles of Incorporation can be reviewed here.

We have more than a thousand active members, and represent a wide variety of ages and nationalities. The most ardent supporters gather in “The Nest", which rolls with the cheers of excited Screaming Eagles members, keeping the spirits of the team and other fans high regardless of the score.

The Screaming Eagles supports D.C. United both at home and on the road, and we have become one of the most visible supporters clubs in MLS. Off the field, we can be found performing community outreach work for charitable causes including DC SCORES. We also provide members with soccer-related activities, including viewing parties, the SE Football Club, road trips and special events with D.C. United players. Membership is open to anyone who wants to support D.C. United and promote soccer. All Welcome, All United!

Our Bylaws are available here.​

Violence, racism, sexism or homophobia is not tolerated and is grounds for expulsion from the club. Don't Cross the Line!